Interconnecting IoT and DeFi

New decentralized blockchain networks can settle world-wide payments in less than a second. These breakthroughs open the way to disruptive visions such as the IoV (Internet of Value) : an open internet of assets where anything can be instantly tokenized and exchanged without the supervision of centralized traditional finance systems.

Weble GMBH is specialized in IoT (Internet of Things) and building automation protocols. The company produces Universal IoT Gateways supporting main industrial M2M communication standards. Adding cryptocurrencies wallets and other mean of payments to our supported protocols permits our customers to easily integrate financial services.

The Weble Ecosystem Token (WET) aims to play a central role in our products and services. It also gives anyone the opportunity to invest in our company success. For detailed information about the project and tokenomics read our white paper. WET Smart-contracts id:




  • WET Token Launch

    • Smart contract development
    • Token creation and fund raising
    • Public sales launch on Pangolin and Trader Joe
    • Bridges to other crypto platforms:
      ETH 2.0
      and others
  • Community

    • Social media accounts creation on twitter and telegram
    • Updates to users and investors about new developments
    • New marketing contents
    • Price reductions on our products and services for WET hodlers
    • Partnerships with international companies
  •  Cryptocurrency drivers development

    •  AVAX wallet integration (X-Chain and C-Chain)
    • WET wallet integration
    • Support for main crypto wallets such as BTC, ETH, Tether, and others
    • Study of WET integration as an Avalanche Subnet
  • VPN remote access service

    • Make VPN connections for remote sites access available on demand with WET,AVAX, and main cryptocurrencies payments
    • Study of a future public fully decentralized VPN network based on WET token and open to everyone (client or server) for private internet browsing
  • Cloud energy monitoring service

    • Make our cloud energy monitoring services available on demand with WET, AVAX, and main cryptocurrencies payments
    • Study of a future public fully decentralized data storage service based on WET token and open to everyone (client or server) for data storage and retrieval

VPN Services

Our VPN service is one of our best-seller service, with adoption by many local Swiss companies, and some multi-national companies mainly active in middle east and southeast Asia. All of our hardware & Windows software can connect to one of our distributed VPN servers either directly with a TCP connection or encapsulated inside an SSH or HTTP(S) tunnel to bypass firewalls. This VPN feature is very useful for remote maintenance of sites. Its P2P design also enables direct site-to-site connections.

The VPN services for remote maintenance and inter-site communication are currently paid by monthly fees subscriptions, and it is our goal to also offer smaller customers an on-demand pay to use option to access their remote sites / housing using crypto payments.


Sales by countries


Energy Monitoring

One of our main domain of activity is energy monitoring and reporting. We gather the energy meters data and upload them in real-time to our Cloud databases for storage. In the future the energy data storage and retrieval service will be available to anyone on-demand with cryptocurrencies or other payment means.

Bulding Automation Drivers

Multi protocols routing

Weble Universal Gateways are designed to transfer any type of serializable data (numerical values, strings, jsons, etc..) between main industry, building automation and IoT protocols. Most industry standards are supported: KNX, Bacnet, Modbus, m-bus, MQTT, and more.

Simple routing is straightforward to configure and advanced complex routing patterns are also supported through JavaScript programming.

With future integration of main cryptocurrencies wallets and smart-contracts drivers in our gateways, it will open new applications and interactions between the DeFi and IoT worlds.

IoT Drivers

WET is launched on the innovative Avalanche blockchain platform built recently by Avalabs. It features a novel avalanche consensus protocol, which constitutes a major breakthrough in the field of distributed systems. It is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. Sub-second transactions settlements makes interactions with real-time IoT applications possible.

Pangolin and Traderjoe are part of the main decentralized exchanges running on the Avalanche Blockchain. The WET / AVAX pair is available on Pangolin and Traderjoe for trade, therefore anyone can buy WET tokens with AVAX tokens. The number of WET / AVAX in the pair liquidity pool determines the prices. Liquidity funds are timed-locked on to protect from rug-pulls. The contract ID of the WET token is the following: 0xB1466d4cf0DCfC0bCdDcf3500F473cdACb88b56D

Links to the liquidity pools:

Pangolin pool 0xb714d14ee6b5b194644e206c2342b8d95efb6379
Traderjoe pool 0xee25009c093a06896acf29cf93386ecc00b1714b
PancakeSwap pool 0x36fec0435461f266f9d2125d9102ab2828263740
QuickSwap pool 0x569a9683e9dd5489c4f5ae35aaf7c9dd4fa2f040
Baguette pool 0x6d6ed4d8686437ba3a045a1f9af1c4ed267d96e1
Canary pool 0x6d6ed4d8686437ba3a045a1f9af1c4ed267d96e1

Weble Ecosystem Token